We live in a time when depression is an accepted term and anti depressant prescriptions have taken on a life of their own. We all know someone who struggles and who operates under the label of ‘depressed’. Millions of people are relying on pills to overcome the dark cloud and to ‘get them through’ the day.

We see this dis-ease or affliction as something outside of ourselves – possibly caused by a defective part of our brain, too much stress,a relationship breakdown or any other life ‘issue’ that is not our preference. This is a misunderstanding of the way in which the human operating system functions.

Through our coaching sessions, I will show you that the feelings of depression you experience are not an outside-in occurrence. I will show you that you have the ability to turn this experience around. You are not defective or lacking in any way. Indeed, you have the power to see through a totally different lense and therefore, have a totally different life experience.