Relationship Dynamics

Relationships in any area, especially family dynamics, can feel incredibly challenging, but these challenges are precisely where the potential for our biggest growth and evolution lie.

Experiencing tension between yourself and a colleague, jealousy between you and your siblings or difficulty with family members can feel debilitating, but current dynamics do not need to continue forward in the same vein. The past does not determine the future. We do not realise how fundamental we are in creating change within our personal relationships. Indeed, it is entirely possible that a completely new experience of the same relationship or situation can come to pass.

I will show you that by changing your perspective and behaviour in relation to the ‘other’ (no matter the situation / person or where the challenge lies) you can create change for the ‘better’. We are not the victims of our circumstance. On the contrary, we are the creators of our experience and we are powerful beyond measure. By ‘being’ the change you wish to see, you will change the ‘situation’. It all starts with you.